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Working with Allyson, One-on-One


Coaching is a Sacred Time, Just for You

Group programs and classes are awesome. But sometimes, we just need a little bit more.

When you experience a coaching call with me, you have my full attention (along with a big dose of compassion - it's not scary, I promise!)

We'll talk about what life currently looks like for you, no judgments.

And we'll make a plan to help you get to where you want to be - even if you're not so sure where that is yet.

We All Need a Guide.

These days, a lot of my dreams from a few years ago are now my reality. But I NEVER could have done it without coaching along the way.

Life is freaking hard sometimes. It can be challenging to see the way forward on our own.

Whether you're in a time of transition or simply feeling that itch that "there's got to be something more," I can help you start on the path to feeling more ease, joy, and power in your own life.

What Happens on a Coaching Call?

Every call is different, because it's catered just for you! But here are the things you can expect:

  • A compassionate check in: How are you feeling? If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change?
  • Powerful questions: Diving deep into your hopes and goals, with love and at a pace that feels good to you
  • Intuitive insight and spiritual guidance: This part is different for everyone! We might do an Oracle or Tarot card reading, Reiki energy healing work, or simply see what messages comes forward from Spirit
  • Your Next Step(s): At least once concrete action to propel you forward - and always with a way to make it fun!

All That in an Hour?


I very rarely take new coaching clients.

I'm opening my calendar now because I know that so often, all we really need is a jump start and for someone to show us the way to open that next door on our path.

Your call with me does just that.

It's a dose of hope, a step forward, a helping hand along the way.

What if the Challenges I'm Facing are Big and Scary?

Here's the thing - almost everything is.

If the obstacles in our life weren't scary, they wouldn't be obstacles! Finding our way through is the heart of the journey.

We'll create your action plan together, and I'll make sure you have the resources you need to keep your momentum going.

You don't have to do it alone.

The Super Summer Coaching Call - Plus ShineBucks!

One 60-Minute Video Call.
We will meet on Zoom at a time that's convenient for you. You'll receive an email to schedule your call within 48 hours of purchase.

Real-World, Tested Strategies for Change
I have a DEEP toolbelt of practices and resources to help you shift your feelings and step into the life you crave. I won't tell you to make a change. I'll show you how.

Spiritual Guidance and Intuitive Insights
We'll take time to connect with whatever version of Spirit speaks to you, to ensure that whatever path you choose is for your highest good. This might happen through guided meditation, Oracle or Tarot card reading, or Reiki energy healing. (Typically, we'll decide on this process together during the call. But if there's something you definitely want as part of your call, I will absolutely make that happen.

Limited Time, Limited Spots
I only open my calendar for coaching calls at specific times, and this is my first offering in more than a year. To ensure that each participant gets my full attention and love, I only have ten spots available.

Special Pricing
Your call is just $127. In the past, clients have paid three times this amount to work with me. I'm making this call affordable because times are hard, and I want this experience to be more accessible.

You'll get a $50 credit to use on any future Determined to Shine offering, including live or virtual retreats, classes, and more. My little gift to you to help you keep shining!

Your Personal Coach and Cheerleader

Allyson (c) Natural Intuition Photography-53

Allyson Bright,
Certified Holistic Life Coach
Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner

Level Four Certified Holistic Life CoachThe Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching

Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church

Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki Master Teacher,
William Lee Rand, International Center for Reiki Training

Solar Reiki Practitioner, Love Inspiration Universal Reiki

Violet Flame Practitioner, The Light of Healing Energy Healing School

Akashic Records Healer, The Light of Healing Energy Healing School

Advanced Crystal Practitioner, Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy

High Magic Practitioner, Pamela Chen and Leeza Robertson

Crystal Master, Sage Goddess

Soul Shift Healer, Sage Goddess

Elemental Healer, Sage Goddess

Certified Alchemist, Sage Goddess

Ho'oponopono Practitioner, Joe Vitale, Global Sciences Foundation

Certified Angel Card Reader, Radleigh Valentine, Hay House

The Science of Happiness, BerkeleyX, an initiative of the University of California-Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts, The University of Iowa

Change your life in an hour.

Give yourself the gift of a helping hand.

It's your time. You've got this. (And I've got you!)

Your special price: $127

A Personal Note from Me...

Determined to Shine has always been about just that - finding ways to shine despite all odds.

I've spent the last ten years of my life helping people like you do just that.

But don't get me wrong - it hasn't always been easy.

So often, I just didn't know the way ahead or even what I wanted my life to look like.

I've been through the ringer: I'm 41 years old. I've been a widow for a decade, and I live with three autoimmune diseases. I'm also neurodivergent and live with the fact that simply getting through life day to day is harder for me than it is for a lot of people.

Here's the secret though:

I'm pretty sure my life is also more awesome than it is for a lot of people. And I *know* I experience more joy on a daily basis than most of the people I meet.

I discovered that I'm more than the stories the world tells about me or the diseases I live with.

I found a way to run a business, have amazing relationships, create a whole bunch of art, and just have a crapton of fun - regardless of the fact that my body is in pain every day.

I didn't find my path alone. I did it with the help of trusted mentors, amazing teachers, and a couple of freaking fantastic coaches.

You don't have to do it alone, either.

You're brilliant.

You're amazing.

And your journey is just beginning.

I can't wait to see how you shine.


Magic Formula

(Why yes, this is a healing crystal grid accompanied by the cast of Grey's Anatomy. Here at Determined to Shine, we take our spirituality seriously... but not too seriously.)

I can't wait to connect with you!

Hope awaits. And it's closer than you think.

Your special pricing: $127