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Introducing Dragon Soul Reiki


Light Your Inner Fire

You already know the Reiki basics. Now it's time to amp things up.

Dragon Soul Reiki is a unique program - and you'll only find it at Determined to Shine. It combines the techniques I've honed over the past several years as a Dragon Reiki Master Teacher, Solar Reiki Practitioner, and Violet Flame Healer.

As a person who lives with chronic illness, Reiki has been a lifeline for me in so many ways. It's helped me manage pain, calm my anxieties, and heal emotional wounds. The peace and gentleness that come with Reiki have changed my life.

Ultimately, though, I wanted energy work to feel just like that - energizing! I'm often fatigued and can't find the energy to do the things that bring me joy and spark my creativity.

Enter the dragons.

Dragons are Real.

Yep, I said that. They are real in whatever way you believe them to be real. Whether it's as a historical long-gone creature like a dinosaur, a literal energetic being from another dimensional level, or simply as a creature of myth. We decide what is real to us and what that means. So many people love dragons! As a culture, we've created myths and stories about dragons for centuries - that alone makes them very, very real.

So What's Dragon Soul Reiki?

It's Reiki in a way you may have never experienced it before - empowering, energizing, and almost electric.

It's about helping you burn away beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you, igniting your hopes and dreams, and lighting your inner creative spark so you can make your own kind of magic every day.

Dragon Soul Reiki - The Details

We'll spend two Saturdays together - one in March and one in April - as you attune to several different types of Dragon Reiki energy. Crystal dragons, Celtic dragons, Ancient dragons - they're all here.

This experience goes far beyond a basic Reiki training - we'll work with dragons in meditation and through creative projects. You'll also discover ways to work with Dragon Reiki through the Tarot, crystals, and even aromatherapy using essential oil blends.

Dragon Soul Reiki is about empowering you to feel stronger, healthier, and ultimately more secure in who you are what you want out of life.

Expect a boost of self-confidence, an increase in your self-compassion, and a serious spark of creative energy - all infused with the healing Reiki energy of the dragons.


Dragon Soul Reiki - Practitioner Training

March 25, 2023 -and- April 8, 2023
11am - 3pm Mountain Time
Live Virtual Classes via Zoom

Dragon Soul Reiki is for those who have already taken Reiki Levels 1 and 2.

If you've taken those classes with me, you're all set. If you took them through another teacher or program, I will ask you to email me a copy of your Level 2 certificate before the first day of class.

LIVE Video Instruction
Two days of live video instruction via Zoom, complete with multiple Dragon Reiki sessions and opportunities to ask questions and work with other students.

Practice in real time and receive feedback
You'll learn right away how to use Dragon Soul Reiki for yourself and for others. You'll have a chance to pair up with other students to send and receive Reiki and share feedback with each other right away.

New Dragon Reiki Symbols
You'll be attuned to at least six new Dragon Reiki symbols, with detailed instructions on how to use each one, as well as opportunities to practice. We'll also be creating a beautiful creative project featuring these symbols. These symbols have been channeled by a strong lineage of Dragon Reiki practitioners. You'll also receive a symbol unique to Dragon Soul Reiki from Determined to Shine.

Student Manuals and Handouts
You'll receive downloadable PDF manuals for multiple forms of Dragon Reiki, as well as handouts featuring dragon lore, crystal associations, Tarot spreads, and more.

Qualified Instruction
Allyson comes from a powerful Reiki lineage, going back to Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. She received her Reiki Master Certification directly from William Lee Rand, founder of the International Center for Reiki Training and the author of the training manual used by students worldwide.

You will become a certified practitioner of Dragon Soul Reiki, ready to practice on yourself and others. You will receive a certificate via email after the event.

Community Support
An exclusive Facebook group so you can connect with Allyson and other students throughout your journey - and beyond.

The Dragons Are Calling You

Give yourself (and those around you) the gift of Dragon Soul Reiki.

It's your time to ignite your fire.

Today's Price: $333

You can also choose to register for Dragon Soul Reiki with two monthly payments of $177.

Your Reiki Guide

Allyson (c) Natural Intuition Photography-53

Allyson Bright,
Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner

Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki Master Teacher,
William Lee Rand, International Center for Reiki Training

Dragon Empowerment Reiki Master Teacher, Soothsayers Aria

Celtic Dragon Reiki Master Teacher, Soothsayers Aria

Dragon Sekhem Energy Master Teacher, Soothsayers Aria

Solar Reiki Practitioner, Love Inspiration Universal Reiki

Violet Flame Practitioner, The Light of Healing Energy Healing School

Akashic Records Healer, The Light of Healing Energy Healing School

Advanced Crystal Practitioner, Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy

Level Four Certified Holistic Life CoachThe Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching

Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church

High Magic Practitioner, Pamela Chen and Leeza Robertson

Crystal Master, Sage Goddess

Soul Shift Healer, Sage Goddess

Elemental Healer, Sage Goddess

Certified Alchemist, Sage Goddess

Ho'oponopono Practitioner, Joe Vitale, Global Sciences Foundation

Food Healing Oracle Deck Certified Reader, Joanna Salerno & Lainie Sevante Wulkan

Certified Angel Card Reader, Radleigh Valentine, Hay House

The Science of Happiness, BerkeleyX, an initiative of the University of California-Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts, The University of Iowa

A Personal Note from Me...

Determined to Shine has always been about just that - finding ways to shine despite all odds.

When life gets hard, I don't want to retreat. I want to step forward. I choose to step forward.

When I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I found that my heart was broken apart in ways I hadn't experienced before. Instead of facing the loss of my past and present, I felt that I was losing my future. And I was terrified.

I looked for answers and peace everywhere, and routinely came up short - until I found Reiki.

Through Reiki, I've found my calm place in the storm. Having the ability to call upon Reiki energy to soothe what ails me - be it anxiety or fear or a simple headache - has been one of the most profound and valuable practices I've ever experienced.

Adding the powerful energies of Dragon Empowerment Reiki, Celtic Dragon Reiki, Dragon Sekhem Energy Reiki - as well as firey Solar Reiki and Violet Flame healing was a game-changer. Now I can use Reiki to energize and empower - not just to calm and relax.

What do all of those certifications really mean?

It means I've done the work. Reiki is a part of my daily life - it's in the air I breathe, the way I teach, the love I share, and the joy and laughter I like to bring to every moment I can.

It means I've got you - we're on this journey together, and you can trust that your Reiki Master Teacher will be with you every step of the way as you integrate this powerful work into your life.

You're brilliant.

You're amazing.

I can't wait to see how you shine.


Magic Formula

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Today's Price: $333

You can also choose to register for Dragon Soul Reiki with two monthly payments of $177.