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Rainbow Journey: Exploring the Chakras

14-Week Online Workshop


It's time to take a deep dive through the chakras!

Together, we'll go on a journey from root to crown, exploring the energies and unique properties of each chakra.

You'll discover energy clearing techniques, affirmations to strengthen each chakra, and new creative and ritual activities for each of your seven chakras.

And we'll do all of this while playing with your favorite art supplies as we make a Rainbow Art Journal!

Specifically, you'll get to:

  • Discover how to keep each chakra in balance so you feel more energized, creative, and resilient
  • Learn about the unique opportunites each chakra presents for us
  • Meet your chakra guardians in meditation
  • Make a 7-color rainbow art journal throughout the workshop
  • Create your own chakra affirmation oracle deck with printable cards provided for each class
  • Make your own stickers and chakra-themed art using provided art and PDF downloads
  • Discover crystal healing techniques for each chakra (You can even get your own set of Reiki-infused chakra crystals from Allyson!)
  • A whole bunch more!

Calls will be held every other Thursday evening from May 18 to August 10, 2023.
PLUS two 4-hour mini retreats on Sunday, May 7 and Sunday, August 13
That's 22 hours of creative exploration together!

Each call includes live instruction plus art journaling time and sharing.

All calls recorded for you with access that never expires.

You'll receive a ton of PDF handouts, including workbook pages, art for printing and creating in your journal, and printable affirmation oracle cards!

Let's Do This: Sign Up Now to Create with the Chakras

Registration is Open!

This is gonna be SO MUCH FUN.

Registration is now open exclusively to Shine Circle members.

Regular Price: $399
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Register now, or see below if you'd like to add a special crystal package to your class!

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Crystal Healing Add-Ons

For the first time EVER, you have the option to receive a set of crystals sent directly to your home with your class registration! All crystals are personally selected and Reiki-infused by Allyson. Two options are available:

  • 7 Chakra Crystal Set: Receive a set of 7 crystals, one for each chakra, in a fun rainbow bag. Add-on cost: $33
  • 7 Chakra Set AND Your Personal Crystals: Allyson will intutively select 1-3 statement crystal pieces for you personally and infuse them with Reiki and blessings for your intentions. Crystals will have a minimum retail value of $80, in addition to your 7-crystal set. Add-on cost: $111

Crystal packages will be shipped on or before April 30. Registration must be completed by April 25 in order to guarantee that your crystals will arrive in time for the start of the workshop.

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