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Rocking the Tarot: A Deep Dive into Crystals + Tarot

Plus a free bonus class!


I *love* the Tarot. And I love crystals even more. But my favorite thing? Putting them together.

In this workshop, we're going to explore it all. We'll cover the meaning of each Tarot card, how to read and create card spreads, and create a daily practice. We're ALSO going to explore 78 crystals - one to match the energy of each card of the Tarot.

You'll get to learn how to use these magical tools together to create powerful readings for yourself and those around you.

Plan to walk away with confidence in reading the Tarot, as well as working with crystals for healing and meditation.

Specifically, you'll learn how to:

  • Read each Tarot card, including an in-depth exploration of the meanings of all 78 cards.
  • Which crystal pairs best with each card - that's a deeper look at 78 stones.
  • Use and create multi-card Tarot reading spreads.
  • Create a crystal divination set.
  • Combine Tarot cards and crystals. together to create unique readings.
  • Use Tarot and crystals to create altar spaces and manifestation grids.
  • Work with the cards and the crystals to create ceremony and ritual for regular days and special moments.
  • Create a journal to capture your readings and reflections.

12-Week Online Workshop

Calls will be held every other Thursday evening from January 19 to March 30, 2023.

Each call includes live instruction, plus Q&A.

All calls recorded for you with access that never expires.

PDF handouts provided for all cards and stones,
as well as your journaling practice.

Let's Do This: Sign Up Now to Master the Cards and Crystals

Workshop Schedule

Classes are held on Thursday evenings from 4-5:30 p.m. Mountain Time.

6 Live Calls:

  • January 19: Introduction and Major Arcana 1 + Crystals
  • February 2: Major Arcana 2 + Crystals
  • February 16: Tarot + Crystals for Healing and Manifestation
  • March 2: Minor Arcana 1 + Crystals
  • March 16: Minor Arcana 2 + Crystals
  • March 30: Working with Spreads + Crystal Divination Set + Putting It All Together

We've already had our first call, but everything is recorded and waiting for you, so you can jump right in! Hooray!

Registration is Open!

This is gonna be SO MUCH FUN.

Regular Price: $249
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PLUS you get a free spot in our super-popular Magpie Decks class!
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Your Free Bonus Course: Magpie Decks!


The Ultimate Mix-and-Match Deck

Oracle Decks are SO much fun! (And you know I love the Tarot, too!)

It's time to move beyond your standard deck and create your very own custom deck, full of cards from...well, just about everywhere! You'll combine single oracle cards (and Tarot, if you want) together to make a deck of the messages you need most.

Sound chaotic? I thought so, too. But once I started working with my deck, everything changed. Because LIFE is chaotic. I have decks I turn to when I want specific guidance for my relationships, my business, my health, and more. But when I'm just feeling out of sorts and need a push in the right direction? When *I* am feeling chaotic? Then it's magpie time!

Magpie decks are growing in popularity and here's your chance to learn EVERYTHING you need to know AND start working with your deck right away!

You'll learn:

  • The ins and outs of putting together your own Magpie deck
  • How to create a custom guidebook
  • Unique ways to read the cards, including custom oracle and Tarot spreads designed just for this class
  • Fun ways to store and display your deck
  • How to work with a deck guardian spirit (I've *never* shared this before anywhere else!)
  • All sorts of ways to gather, trade, and create your own cards as you grow your deck

On its own, this class costs $59, but it's yours FREE today when you sign up for Rocking the Tarot!