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Rocking the Tarot: A Deep Dive into Crystals + Tarot


I *love* the Tarot. And I love crystals even more. But my favorite thing? Putting them together.

In this workshop, we're going to explore it all. We'll cover the meaning of each Tarot card, how to read and create card spreads, and create a daily practice. We're ALSO going to explore 78 crystals - one to match the energy of each card of the Tarot.

You'll get to learn how to use these magical tools together to create powerful readings for yourself and those around you.

Plan to walk away with confidence in reading the Tarot, as well as working with crystals for healing and meditation.

Specifically, you'll learn how to:

  • Read each Tarot card, including an in-depth exploration of the meanings of all 78 cards.
  • Which crystal pairs best with each card - that's a deeper look at 78 stones.
  • Use and create multi-card Tarot reading spreads.
  • Create a crystal divination set.
  • Combine Tarot cards and crystals. together to create unique readings.
  • Use Tarot and crystals to create altar spaces and manifestation grids.
  • Work with the cards and the crystals to create ceremony and ritual for regular days and special moments.
  • Create a journal to capture your readings and reflections.

Instant Access Online Workshop

Includes more than 12 hours of video instruction, including card-by-card walkthroughs, ways to read the cards, how to discover your personal cards, and so much more.

More than 200 pages of PDF handouts provided for all cards and stones,
as well as your journaling practice.

Let's Do This: Sign Up Now to Master the Cards and Crystals

Workshop Sessions Include:

  • Major Arcana Deep Dive
  • Bonus: Super Deep Dive - The Star and Selenite
  • Minor Arcana: Aces through Sevens
  • Minor Arcana: Eights through Courts
  • Tarot & Crystals for Manifestation and Beyond
  • Finding Your Personal Cards and Going Deeper
  • Bonus: Card Reading Session - Examples of Live Readings!

In total, you'll find nearly 14 hours of video and more than 200 pages in PDF downloads - including a 78-card workbook, unique card spread ebooks, keyword cheat sheets, numerology reference, personal worksheets, and so much more.

Registration is Open!

You can now sign up with instant access to all class materials.

Live Workshop Price: $199
Your Self-Study Price: $88
Eclipse Day Price: $55
(In numerology, the number 5 is a sign of change to come!)