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Creativity, Spiritual Connection, and Community are Waiting for You


The Shine Circle. It's the most powerful Determined to Shine offering, and it's just for you.

Because you know what? 2021 was F**KING HARD.

So many of us are exhausted and tired and somehow the world keeps spinning and people seem to keep asking more and more of us.

Which is why it's more important than EVER to show up for ourselves and give ourselves the GIFT of belonging and a safe place to share and be seen. Grow. Create. Without judgment or criticism. Just love, art supplies, and some laughter.

The Shine Circle is your all-access pass to everything Determined to Shine offers - from our monthly weekend retreat to our deep dive spirituality and art classes. Plus, lots of laughter, occasional dance breaks, and a place to be just as you are.

Life is hard sometimes. But you've got this. And we've got you.

Your January Membership Includes:

Learn more about the Sloth Retreat. You can also register for this event separately.
Click to learn more about this two-part workshop. You can also register separately.
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Sure, you could attend our retreat and sign up for our classes separately.

But why would you want to? Separately, you'll pay more than $250 for everything included in Shine Circle.

Join now and pay just $29 for January.

After that, you'll pay our regular rate of $129 each month - saving more than $100 each month.

And don't worry - there's no minimum commitment and you can cancel at any time. (But I don't think you'll want to!)

Every month, members receive:

  • A two-day art journaling + spirituality weekend online retreat
  • Two 90-minute live workshops designed to bring spiritual concepts to life through art and creativity
  • An exclusive community gathering - sometimes an art party, sometimes a bingo night, sometimes something even more fun. Every month is different!
  • personal video oracle card reading from me
  • A new downloadable MP3 meditation
  • Tons of PDFs and printables
  • A bonus art workshop taught by one of our community members

Why yes, this is a crystal grid accompanied by the cast of Grey's Anatomy. Here at Determined to Shine, we take our spirituality seriously... but not too seriously.

January 2022 Calendar

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