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You're Invited to the Tarot Circle!


Tarot is an amazing tool for self-discovery, spiritual growth, and emotional healing. Yeah, it's awesome.

But learning the Tarot? Sometimes that feels overwhelming, lonely, and not so awesome.

Don't worry, though - we've got you.

The Tarot Circle is a powerful new community from Determined to Shine. Led by Angela G, our resident Tarot powerhouse, members can expect to take their Tarot experiences to a whole new level.

At each gathering, you can expect a mix of the following:

  • A personal card reading from Angela, if desired
  • Unique card spreads and reading techniques you won't find anywhere else
  • Help uncovering card meanings or deciphering your own tricky readings
  • Open Q&A - all your questions answered and the Tarot demystified
  • Gorgeous PDF handouts and worksheets - many are hand-drawn by Angela just for members
  • Journaling prompts, art journal techniques, and other creative ways to explore the Tarot
  • Occasional surprise guest teachers, including Tarot experts and Determined to Shine community members
  • A super supportive community where your presence and voice are valued, no matter how often you can attend live

The Tarot Circle meets every other Thursday from 4-5:30 p.m. Mountain Time (6pm Eastern). All gatherings are recorded and you never lose access.

Spend time in the Circle and expect to:

  • Gain confidence in reading Tarot for yourself and others
  • Know how to make Tarot fun and playful - or emotional and ceremonial
  • Build a full binder of resources, handouts, worksheets, spreads, and more
  • Receive (and learn how to give, if you want) readings from Angela and others in the group
  • Laugh a whole lot, and cry if you need to
  • Share ideas and learn new things with supportive friends
  • Make Tarot a part of your daily life in ways you never expected

Let's Do This: Join the Circle Today!

Registration is Open!

The Circle meets every other Thursday from 3-4:30 p.m. Mountain Time.

This is gonna be SO MUCH FUN.

Join the Circle: $39 monthly

You can also save by signing up for multiple months:

Enroll for six months (February - July 2024) with one full payment of $199 by clicking here.

Or sign up for 2024 (February-December) with one payment of $344 by clicking here.

About Angela

I met Angela at Determined to Shine's very first in-person retreat, held in Milwaukee in 2016. She's been at nearly every Determined to Shine event (online and in-person) since that day.

She's been drawn to cards and crystals since she was a young child, and has honed her practice in astonishing ways.

(In fact, Angela has more than 1,000 pages of hand-written notes full of knowledge and insight to share with you!)

Angela is an incredible member of the Determined to Shine community, and we're so lucky to have her leading us in the Circle.

- Allyson Bright, Founder
Determined to Shine