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Tarot for Anxiety Relief: 5 Readings to Calm the Soul and Soothe the Mind

One-time payment: Yes, really!

You want to receive new insights and read the Tarot with confidence...

...and you know that having the right framework will help you do just that.

The problem is...

  • You're not sure what questions to ask.
  • Interpreting the cards can be confusing.
  • Sometimes your emotions can get in the way of finding the answers you seek.

I've got some good news: You don't have to be frustrated!

Working with Tarot can actually be much easier - and a lot more fun. Keep on reading!



Tarot for Anxiety Relief

An online course to help you read Tarot cards with ease and confidence - so you can connect with Spirit and discover the insights you need to ease your nervous system, calm your racing thoughts, and bring in confidence as you move forward.

With Tarot for Anxiety Relief, you will be able to:

  • Know the exact questions to ask the cards to receive clear answers
  • Interpret cards quickly without overthinking and dwelling in self-doubt
  • Begin to create a library of card reading spreads to refer to again and again

And the best part?

This course is just $9!

What's Included in Tarot for Anxiety Relief - and for just $9:

  • Five easy video lessons, each showing you a different set of questions to tackle specific issues related to anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Beautiful PDF Downloads, so you can easily refer to each lesson's Tarot card questions and card layouts over and over
  • A quick meanings guide, helping you quickly interpret card meanings without getting stuck in cycles of worry and self-doubt
  • A free one-class pass to the Tarot Circle, our biweekly live Tarot reading class, where you'll have the chance to receive a reading from our Tarot expert and get live guidance on all of your Tarot questions
  • Access to our exclusive Determined to Shine Facebook group, where you can connect with others and share your cards
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Hi, I'm Allyson.

My superpower is making complex spiritual practices easy, approachable, and fun.

I'm a holistic life coach, Reiki Master Teacher, a 4x certified crystal healer, a practitioner of joy, and - oh yeah - a certified card reader. I created the Determined to Shine community to bring together people just like you wanting to explore Spirituality, expand their creativity, and connect with new friends around the world.

I've been a Spiritual seeker since childhood, and have been teaching these spiritual practices for more than a decade.

Most importantly, I specialize in bringing Spirit to the real world. There's SO much information out there, and lots of it can be hard to understand. I'll help you quickly bring the Tarot to life in practical ways you can use to receive insight in your life right now.

I've taken my best Tarot readings for anxiety relief and packed them into this short and sweet course, so you too can connect with the cards in powerful and meaningful ways.

Ready to find clarity and calm with the Tarot?

It's time to break through the noise and use the cards with confidence.

One-time payment: Yes, really!


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