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It's time to discover just exactly how amazing you are.

Online Retreat: May 4-5, 2024

Magic Formula

You're Invited.

We'll spend two days together online on May 4-5, 2024.

And you'll never believe how much can happen in two days.

Healing is happening all the time - you just have to open up and allow it.

We hear spiritual teachers talking all the time about the importance of "healing" and a "spiritual practice" - but what does that even mean, really?

We'll explore ways you can begin to bring more joy, more freedom, and more discernment into your life. It's time to cut out the noise so there's room in your life for all of the ways that heal YOUR heart - time with nature, creativity, movement, breathing, and good old laughter. (SO. MUCH. LAUGHTER.)

Our souls are meant to create.

I hear so, so often from people who WANT to be creative, but just feel like it's impossible to start. Or even worse - when they DO start, they get so disappointed from the results that they wish they hadn't.

Is this you? I've got you.

I've found that half of the battle is finding (or creating!) the time to sit down and actually allow yourself to be still long enough to pick up the paintbrushes and see what happens.

But each time you do, magic happens. Healing happens every time, whether you feel it or not.

Let's let go of that same-old, same-old approach to life.

Are you feeling bored? Overwhelmed? Somehow both at the same time? You're not alone.

It's SO common for us to get stuck in a pattern where we wake up, create a to-do list, scramble and work hard all day long, realize that we didn't complete even half of our list, and go to sleep. Wake up again. Repeat.

It's time to toss that approach to the curb. You'll learn how to create meaningful moments during ordinary days that can help you shed the "why am I even doing this" feeling.

Let's learn how to shed the loneliness.

The most common thing I hear from members of the Determined to Shine community is that above all else, they're just tired of feeling so alone all the time. Even when they are surrounded by others.

The trick to conquering the lonely feeling is twofold:

First, you learn that you're your own best company. You REALLY ARE the magic force in your own life. You'll learn spiritual practices to help you connect with your true self (that version of you that got shut down a long time ago).

Second, find people who accept and are cheering for the real, authentic you. I've been taking and teaching online courses for more than a decade. The Determined to Shine community is the most unique group I've ever experienced. When I say you'll be welcomed to the group as a new BFF, I mean it. And that applies whether you turn on your camera and chat all day long or prefer to keep your camera off and simply listen. No matter how you want to show up, I've got you.

Healing is Happening Online Retreat

May 4-5, 2024
10am - 4pm Mountain Time
Live Virtual Classes via Zoom


Art Journaling Activities
You'll get to create with others in real time, learning as you go. Whether you're a seasoned creator or just getting started, I've got you.

Reiki-infused Meditation
I'll lead you through guided visualization to find guidance and reassurance from your spiritual team. Our community has Christians, Agnostics, Pagans, Buddhists, and everything in between. No matter your spiritual tradition, you are welcome here.

Card Slinging
It wouldn't be a Determined to Shine retreat without at least one oracle card reading!

Magical Practices
You'll learn at least one way to keep the magic alive after the retreat. Whether you choose cards, crystals, or simply a journal, you leave the retreat prepared to keep going long after the retreat is over.

New Besties
Determined to Shine's retreats are unique. We build in time to chat, share, and take tangents into rabbit holes of information and joy. (If you're neurodivergent, you'll especially love this!)

Community Support
An exclusive Facebook group so you can connect with me and other students throughout the retreat - and beyond. Plus - our Facebook community members get access to free spontaneous workshops, live chats, and more.

Change your life in one weekend.

Yep, I really meant it. I've been leading Determined to Shine retreats since 2017.

Over and over, participants tell me that even after just one Determined to Shine event,
they feel more excited to live and empowered to make big changes and choices.

Retreat price: $197
Your Special Rate: $122

Need a payment plan?

You can also register for two payments of $74

A Little About Me

Allyson Bright

Certified Holistic Life Coach, Art Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Crystal Practitioner

The most important thing to know about me is that I've been in the trenches.

I was widowed at 31, I live with three autoimmune diseases, I'm neurodivergent AF, and I've experienced depression of the deepest depths.

Most people tell me I have more trauma than anyone else they know. Most people also tell me that I'm happier than anyone else they know.

That's no accident. I've done the work. Healing my heart and soul with paintbrushes and paper, cards and crystals, energy and the written word.

But the most powerful thing I've discovered is that the real secret to finding joy in the trenches is well, me. I decided I wanted to find joy anyway. To create art anyway. To dance and sing and play anyway. I am my own magic.

And you are your own magic, too. So if you're ready for something more, let's do this.



Discover your inner magic at the May retreat.

You're awesome. You already have everything you need. And it's time to prove it.

Retreat price: $197
Your Special Rate: $122

Need a payment plan?

You can also register for two payments of $74